My name is Áine, and here you'll find a lot of stupid doodles. This is my side blog, so perhaps I follow you from my main one... You can ask me to draw anything bc most likely I have no idea what to draw so give me ideas! Eeyum things I like right now include The Winter Soldier and... X-Men, two amazing movies! c:(just a lot of marvel) also psst feed my fish!
sleepy grantaire (◡‿◡✿)

sleepy grantaire (◡‿◡✿)

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Hi. I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your blog and I was wondering whether or not you could draw a channel icon for my new youtube channel. I am terrible at drawing/Photoshop and you are well... awesome at it! :P

Aw, thanks much!

If you come off of anon maybe we can talk more about what you have in mind? 

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A request from a friend of Stephanie Rogers and Bucky Barnes with two kids c:

A request from a friend of Stephanie Rogers and Bucky Barnes with two kids c:

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I’ll be away for a week, so here’s one last doodle uvu

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Kieren Walker makes me cry (ಠ︿ಠ)

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#my poor child needs to be hapPY  #kieren walker  #in the flesh  #yknow i miss rick but i rlly like simon too  #i'm just sad at how sad kieren was oKAY  #i originally wasn't going to draw anyhting from this show but that anon asked and now i draw a lot of itf stuff  #SIGHS but not at you anon ur lovely  #enjoy my stupid doodle of my babbu 

the winter soldier likes to bundle up

the winter soldier likes to bundle up

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also wow i really like the whole complementary colors thing going on

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Yea, I’ve actually watched a few episodes of this show, and Kieren is the cutest thing ahhh 

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Blink, because her outfit is rad

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You have such a radical art style omf I love it/////

and you are a radical person

and your art style is beautiful omg

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